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Update 08-21-18

Well, there WAS a channel update, but it went missing from YouTube.  I didn’t delete it, but it’s missing now.

Basically, I was saying new videos I was working on were on hold because I went to California for a week.  I had promised 2 new videos when I announced the 2nd episode of A Random Review, but I had technical difficulties with the 2nd video & I’m going to have to refilm everything.

Anyway, stay tuned for a different new episode of A Random Review!

New Gaming Video – Fallout 4

Fallout 4 | Game keeps crashing in the same spot

Don’t know if it’s mods or not, I have any extreme graphic mods turned off, but every time I get in front of the Haymarket Mall, the game freezes up. And, while silent in this clip, I get a very harsh, loud mechanical ERRRRRRERRRRRRERRRRR noise.

UPDATE: Turns out it was because of mods.  I deactivated enough to get it to stop, but the game was still unstable.  Then I upgraded from the Xbox One S to the One X and it doesn’t do it any more.  That means the S was just not up to the processing speed.

Gaming Videos

Fun With Editing

I’ve had this idea for a while.  I’ve made funny edits before, but I felt I should have a segment dedicated to the fun editing can be when you just edit something for the fun of it.

Go to the new Fun With Editing page to see the video!

UPDATE: 05-10-18

I moved some videos into the Fun With Editing page that I feel belong in this category, but I hadn’t made the segment yet, so they didn’t go there.